Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adoptee Rights Day!

See the cool little logo to the right? The tree with no roots? So appropriate for adoptees. It was designed by Dory, one of the Fab Four who put together last year’s premier of the Adoptee Rights Day demonstration held at the National Convention of State Legislatures. Actually, four is an arbitrary number, more that that pitched in to varying degrees, especially after BN pulled their support. Anyway, short of hearings on individual state bills, this is the perfect venue for adoptees and their supporters to voice their opinion on the absurdity and discrimination of denying adult adoptees their birth certificates. Please, pleeeeze try to be there – this is an important opportunity to make a statement. Large groups get more attention than small ones.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the first event last July. We had a nice group of protesters but the convention center was so huge we didn’t have the impact I would have liked. Nonetheless, we were noticed. Two workers from my hotel had seen us, a cab driver for another had seen us, most importantly, state representatives and senators had seen us. No doubt some will remember us next July. They will learn we are a group that will not fade away, we will grow, everything starts small. The organizers are an incredibly bright and dedicated bunch who see this for what it truly is, a fight against widespread and state-sanctioned discrimination.

Please help adoptees everywhere by showing up for a couple of hours. If you are starved for the company of others who "get it" then plan on spending a few days. The four days I spent in New Orleans will never be forgotten!

There are lots of ways anyone can help – click on the logo and check it out!